Hennesea live at the Funky Bunker V-Sessions recorded August 2020.

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Hennesea’s first live album, recorded at the Funky Bunker as part of their V-Sessions.  The V-Session was recorded on 1st August 2020 during Covid restrictions.  With no live music venues, the V-Sessions are real-time streamed live performances.  This download includes Hennesea’s original tracks from the recording.  The full video of the V-Session can be viewed at the Funky Bunker V-Sessions YouTube channel.  This is a download only purchase.  Eleven high quality mp3 files for your collection.

Track listing:

  • The Journey
  • Telling Me Lies
  • Light Above the Sea
  • Lovely Day
  • Mandolin Man
  • Laced with Gold
  • He’s Mine
  • Faisons Comme Si
  • Drunken Sailor
  • Your Words
  • The Same Tune

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